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Strongly believing the power of Open Source.

We believe the power of Open Source

Why Open Source Matters
Open source is essential because it fosters innovation, collaboration, and transparency in the technology ecosystem. By providing access to source code, open-source projects allow developers from around the world to contribute, enhance, and share their knowledge, leading to more robust and secure software solutions. This collaborative approach accelerates technological advancements, reduces costs, and provides greater flexibility compared to proprietary software. Additionally, open-source technologies empower organizations to tailor solutions to their specific needs, fostering a more inclusive and adaptable tech landscape.

Why we stand out.

We are born to help enterprise customers across worldwide

At LOGIQ Corporation, our mission is to bridge the gap between open-source capabilities and enterprise requirements. We provide tailored, high-quality support to help organizations integrate, manage, and optimize open-source technologies, enabling them to stay competitive and agile in a fast-evolving digital landscape.

VMware to KVM
Migration Service

We support the migration of your VMware environments to open-source-based KVM. With our advanced expertise, we ensure a seamless and fail-safe transition.


June 18 2024
Establish LOGIQ Corporation
June 20 2024
Launched the service of "VMware to KVM migration"
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